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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

I usually sit at the piano and start playing something until it forms itself into a song.  Or I’ll be in a really focused state and be able to write lyrics without any melody or accompaniment and revisit it to pair with the music later.


In your opinion, what is the most important thing in songwriting?
Being honest with yourself and caring less about what people will think of it.

Are you ever scared of revealing aspects of your personal life/experience to strangers through your music?

I used to be, but I’m really not too preoccupied with that anymore.  The most important thing for me is to feel raw and vulnerable, especially when performing. It’s a huge release.


What inspired “Daydream”, your latest single?
I wanted to try something different, so I did a collaboration. It felt good to have someone else’s ideas influence me and create something together.

Do you remember the day you wrote “Fantasies”?
Ha. I wrote it a few years ago actually. I’m not sure the exact day but I’m pretty sure it took on many forms before getting to it’s final stage.


Is there a link/a common theme among the songs of the ‘Comply’ EP, released last year?
Self preservation.


What are your plans for 2019?
I’d like to tour, but I need someone to manage that. More writing, hoping to release a few more singles.

To conclude the interview a short Q/A session, please answer the first thing that comes to your mind:

  • Define in one word your Comply EP: Self-preservation.
  • The soundtrack of your childhood: A lot of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Dance” album. And Heart’s “Heart” album haha.
  • Last question is “unusual,” we want to know your best relationship advice: Effective communication.
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