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Today, Conway releases “Woman” the first track off her upcoming EP Quality of Life. The track, in addition to being available through all DSPs will be offered on her new interactive multi media project app called The Woman Project.
The Woman Project” was inspired by a song I wrote called “Woman”. This universal woman’s anthem became the inspiration for an interactive digital art piece seeking to give a face (more accurately, many faces) to the existence of women. By showing the world our infinitely unique and diverse faces, The Woman Project hopes to bring about dialogue, celebration and progress through representation” states Conway.
The Woman Project app will allow you to stream the track “Woman” (upon doing so, 20% of the proceeds will automatically be donated to Planned Parenthood), translate the app in 50 languages, take a selfie that becomes part of the Woman Project Exhibit and if you wish, make a donation to your favorite women’s organizations by just clicking the ‘donate’ tab in the app.
PRESS HERE for The Woman Project app, free via the Apple iTunes Store.
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