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RYL: Tell us everything about “Courtesy Wake Up Call”, what inspired its lyrics?

SOUND SLEEPER (http://soundsleepermusic.com/): The name of the song was inspired by touring and staying in so many hotels that would offer courtesy wake up calls in the morning.

I can remember waking up to those calls and being half asleep and not wanting to fully wake up and leave.

The lyrics also focus on relationships and how you don’t want things to change in that relationship.

Things always change and the courtesy wake-up call is a metaphor for that.


RYL: Which was the main difficulty you encountered in making your debut album “ A perfect sea for Drowning”

SOUND SLEEPER:I started sound sleeper as a solo acoustic project. I then got the idea that I wanted to have a trio with a violin player and a stand-up bass player .

I practiced with the trio but it didn’t end up working out. I began playing solo acoustic shows again. When I finally had enough songs to go and record “a perfect sea for drowning” I had one big problem. I had no band. I decided to record the record in Nashville .

Now I would have to do something that I have never done before , record with studio musicians and not a band like I was always used to.

The good thing is that Nashville is the perfect place to do this . I sent my acoustic demos over to the producer/drummer and he layed down some drum tracks. When I arrived in Nashville I was greeted by an awesome guitar and bass player and an amazing string section.

Once we started working all of my fears went away about working with musicians that I don’t know for the first time. I think we ended up with a really cool recording .

RYL: Is there a common “theme” among the lyrics of your songs?

SOUND SLEEPER: I guess there is a lot of heartbreak and longing and loss in the theme of these songs . none of these songs have a happy positive message .Its mostly just sad dark stuff.

RYL: Which of the verses of “Let Me”, you like the most?

SOUND SLEEPER: I guess my favorite line of the song is when it says “so don’t you let me down” that was a last minute studio change . it was a small change but it was meaningful because I felt like I was let down right before I left to go and record ….so I used that line.

 RYL: how do you, usually, write the lyrics of your songs?

SOUND SLEEPER: my lyrics usually come to me when I am driving.

Even though I have an iphone and I could just talk into the phone and it could type out the lyrics that I just thought of.

I don’t do that. I have a pen and tons of receipts and business cards and other miscellaneous things that I write my lyrics on. It is challenging sometimes to try and steer with my knee and hold the paper and write and pay attention to the road . but I have been successful so far. No accidents

RYL: What is the story behind The Mermaid and The Man?

SOUND SLEEPER: the mermaid and the man is a story about a boy who loves a girl who lives ten avenues away from him. This boy and girl spend many drunken nights together and the boy realizes that his love for her is not only when they are drunk and having fun together , but always . “even when im sober”.

This is a forbidden love and the boy is always thinking of her and how he can escape his “safe bed” and get her to leave her “safe life”.


RYL: You can buy only one song, which one would you select?

SOUND SLEEPER: I guess Celsius vs. Fahrenheit . to me that is the stand out of the bunch. I really love the guitar parts that were done by chris loocke on this track. The slide really gives the song that bluesy feeling that I was looking for . the song has a real great pulse and feel.

RYL: are you working on new music? which is the last song (unpublished) you wrote?

SOUND SLEEPER: yes we are currently working on new material . our goal is to complete a full album. Hopefully by the years end. We have three new songs that we are working on currently . none of the songs have titles yet and all of the lyrics aren’t written yet but we are working out the songs little by little.

RYL: Let’s go back to touring; until today, which was the best show you have done?

SOUND SLEEPER: sound sleeper as a full band is pretty young as a band.

We had a really great record release show in Miami , but we have only played 15-20 shows as a full band. But when I was doing the solo acoustic thing I was selected to be a part of a songwriters in the round showcase at the broward center for the performing arts in ft. Lauderdale.

It was a great experience to perform and to be able to talk and give advice to some of the younger songwriters who came out to see the showcase

RYL: Which is the most important thing in doing music?

SOUND SLEEPER: the most important thing is to love what you are doing and do what you love.

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