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Japan’s finest electro-metal warriors Crossfaith have premiered the new music video for “Wipeout“, the title track off their upcoming EP, out this Friday, January 26th via UNFD.

Check it out by clicking here or stream the track on Spotify.

Singer Ken Koie says about the song:

“The message of this song is that our future won’t wait for us, so let’s dive in together.

I’m kind of tired of this world now and I think a lot of people think the same way about it too. I guess we all are looking forward to the future but it’s kinda hard to wait for it.”

“This song was the last one we wrote this time, and we’ve been trying to put the essence of drum and bass into on our music for a while.

We spent so much time writing the lyrics and melody, I wrote nearly 50 versions of the chorus which ended up as a great experience for me as a songwriter too,” he adds

On the future of the band, Ken says “Japan is looking to the future. We will host the Olympic Games in 2020, which is the year that the legendary film AKIRA was set.

Everyone cares about what’s coming next, and Crossfaith have decided to describe our music as images from the future. We want WIPEOUT to be the key to a new door in your mind,”

Previously, the band had released Freedom last July, which features guest vocals from Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari) and iconic Japanese rapper JESSE (THE BONEZ/RISE).

A neo-futuristic manga-esque tale of human / machine hybrids, a repressive government and the power of music, ‘Freedom‘ took us to a place in the not too distant future in which civilization has developed so rapidly that the citizens are starting to question what it means to be truly free.

You can stream it here.

WIPEOUT Artwork & Tracklist
1. Wipeout
2. Inside The Flames
3. Vermillion Gold
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