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Celebrating 45 years of Crystal Ship, one of the most famous song made by The Doors and written by Jim Morrison.

The song has been released in the band’s first album “The Doors” in 1967 as a B-side of the single “Light My Fire” (written by Robbie Krieger).

crystal ship






The album is still the most sold of the band to date and the most original since , at that time, Morrison would dedicate himself completely to the music (later he will spend a lot of his time writing poems ).

Jim would have written this song thinking about his former girlfriend sitting on a beach near Santa Barbara in California.

According to many the Crystal ship was just a oil rig platform that, during the night,  was shining as a ship made of crystals.

Jim, looking at it toke the inspiration for the title and the final verse of the song.

We will meet again Jim!

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