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CURRENTS have just dropped the new song “Monsters”.

‘Monsters’ is about taking responsibility for the toxic relationships in your life and using past failures as fuel for the future” says singer Brian Wille“The track features some different sounds for the band and I’m stoked on the riffs [guitarist] Chris [Wiseman] put together on this one. We hope you enjoy it!”.

The song appears on the Connecticut band’s upcoming second album “The Way It Ends” (click to stream the song & pre-order the album), out June 5 via SharpTone Records.

“The Way It Ends” is the thematic and spiritual successor to Currents‘ dense, bludgeoning, and smartly constructed full-length debut, “The Place I Feel Safest” (2017), and a direct follow-up to the blistering and diverse EP, “I Let The Devil In” (2018).

Those well-versed in Meshuggah, Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta, and Architects have embraced Currents with full-throated passion. A combination of their contemporaries and influences, channeled through unique perspective and personal experience, resulted in something revolutionary. It’s why they were handpicked for tours with August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, We Came As Romans, Fit For a King, Born of Osiris, and the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour.

Currents previously shared the video for the new song A Flag to Wave.

1. “Never There”
2. “A Flag to Wave”
3. “Poverty of Self”
4. “Monsters”
5. “Kill the Ache”
6. “Let Me Leave”
7. “Origin”
8. “Split”
10. “Second Skin”
11. “How I Fall Apart”
12. “Better Days”


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