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Did you hear that the boss will release a new album soon? It seems this time he will have a “country” style…..well, we are all ears…..

2013, will be the year of the celebrations of the Boss’s 64th birthday .. what is better than another world tour to do that?

We booked our ticket for the Padova, Italy show, we will cover the event from there……like all the times…..front row.

“Dancing in the dark” is a song released in 1984, as a first single, out of the best selling album of Bruce and , as well, one of the best selling albums of all times : BORN IN THE USA.

We wouldn’t had most probably “Dancing in the Dark” if Bruce was not forced by his manager Jon Landau to create a “chart’s number one” song to be used to launch the album.

Springsteen had no idea on what to write and this was frustating…..the beginning of the song is saying it clearly, he was trying but nothing was flowing.

He didn’t want to be just another gun for hire…….he was “Dancing in the dark” trying to find the right words.

At the end he did it and these eventually came out just explaining how he felt during those days.

The song reached number one in the top of US charts and later has been recognized as one the most important songs that shaped the history of rock n roll

Before we leave you to the video, just a question for you: “Are you able to recognize the young woman that is asked to join Bruce onstage while he is singing?”

Maybe yes, she is Courtney Cox, that later will become famous with the tv – series FRIENDS……

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