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After the Razorlight another group jumped on stage of the Dubai Motorbike festival: the Daughtry

Rock Your Lyrics saw them for the real first time live, obviously front row ( it is so difficult to reach it all the time….)

The concert was nice, good presence on stage especially for the lead guitarist  Josh Steely ( what happen to your hand dude!) and a rocking Andy Waldeck (great fun!)

Daughtry played for quite a lot of time plus encore….. we really loved HOME….. a song that apparently he wrote back in 2007 before leaving to American Idol inspired by his family situation


Other sources are saying that he wrote this inspired by a story of a soldier that comes home after the war

Whatever is real meaning the song is a best seller and was great to listen live.

2011 the new record – Break the Spell – we loved listen to it……..it is very well done , it gives a lot of power..

well, from RYL.com…well done Daughtry! we will follow again very soon

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