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As intimate as a living room concert and as thrilling as a stadium show – with the “ALIVE” tour DAVID GARRETT will enchant his fans at the start of the year 2022. The violin virtuoso will open a new chapter and go back to the basics: gripping songs that celebrate life, ultimate crossover music that merges virtuoso classical music with the finest pop, and melodies bringing goosebumps. In January 2022 DAVID GARRETT will finally return to the stage and delight his audience in an intimate setting together with his band in ten cities in Germany and Switzerland. Advance sales started on October 28th, 2020.

With the songs of his new hit album “ALIVE – My Soundtrack”, the artist lets us immerse ourselves in his very private musical world, in the songs that reflect his feelings, the soundtrack of his life. The success shows that David has once again hit the nerve of the times: “ALIVE – My Soundtrack” entered the German album charts at number 4 and is thus the tenth top 10 album in Germany for DAVID GARRETT. The program is influenced by the events of 2020, which made David all the more eager to convey joy of life and a lot of positive energy to his fans.

„‘ALIVE‘ combines a lot of different moods and feelings, but it’s primarily about the urge to live – this need to finally be really alive again,” explains DAVID GARRETT. “That’s why I’ve put together a repertoire that is hopeful, but also reflects the pain of the past few years. Songs that inspire – full of energy, full of fun in life and full of emotion. The program consists of beautiful, magical melodies and I really can’t wait to actually play ‘ALIVE’ live.

Ticket sales for DAVID GARRETT’s “ALIVE” Tour 2022 on www.eventim.de

The “ALIVE” tour 2022 alternates deeply moving pieces such as “What a Wonderful World”, “Imagine” and “Beauty and the Beast” with fast-paced songs such as Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones and Pharrell Williams‘ infectious hit “Happy“. The crossover star encourages people to dance with good mood songs such as “Hit the Road Jack“, “Thriller,” “Bella Ciao” and the eponymous “Stayin‘ Alive“. But of course, the classical music is not neglected either: in his innovative reinterpretations, DAVID GARRETT transforms Mozart‘s “Confutatis”, Prokofiev‘s “Dance of the Knights” and Beethoven‘s 7th Symphony into virtuoso rock classics.

After his last tour, the bombastic “Unlimited Live” tour for the 10th crossover anniversary, the artist is returning to his roots with “ALIVE” and hits the hearts of his fans with his intimate arrangements. For this, he will bring the magic of a living room concert to the big stages with his band, which has accompanied him for over ten years:

„After rain always comes sunshine, that’s life and that’s how I feel when it comes to music. At some point, the day will come when we can meet again. Just imagine how incredibly good it will feel!“

With “ALIVE” DAVID GARRETT celebrates the return to the stage and the togetherness with his fans. “ALIVE” is his hymn to life, an ode to hope and a manifesto for the power of music. Viva la vida!


„ALIVE“-Tour 2022

Do, 06.01.2022               Schwerin                   Sport- und Kongresshalle

Sa, 08.01.2022                Köln                           LANXESS-arena

So, 09.01.2022                Stuttgart                   Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle

Di, 11.01.2022                Nürnberg                  Arena Nürnberger Versicherung

Mi, 12.01.2022               München                  Olympiahalle

Fr, 14.01.2022                 CH – Zürich               Hallenstadion

So, 16.01.2022                Erfurt                         Messehalle

Mo, 17.01.2022       Leipzig                       Arena

Mi, 19.01.2022               Berlin                         Mercedes-Benz Arena

Do, 20.01.2022               Hamburg                  Barclaycard-Arena 

ALIVE” is DAVID GARRETT‘s 18th album in a career that has now spanned over 25 years. The musician, celebrated as Paganini among the pop stars and Jimi Hendrix the violinist, fascinates with his rock star charisma and with his virtuosity that only the greatest musicians of our time have. With a total of over three million albums sold, 25 gold and 17 platinum awards in countries such as Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan and Brazil, David promises an incredibly good time for his fans!

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