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2011 , a sad year for all the fans of REM…….the year when Michael Stipe mad official the news that the band was not together anymore.

We hope he will decide to come back to his decision and continue his amazing journey with Peter Buck (guitarist), Mike Mills (base guitar) and Bill Berry (drummer).

Do you know what REM means? Well , very few know that it means Rapid Eye Movement …..each of us has it…. it happens when we dream.

The band was created in the 1980 from Georgia and it started almost by chance , when they decided to play for a friend’s party …and it was an immediate success ( at that time their name was twisted kites).

More than 85 millions copies of their albums have been sold till today (many more to come indeed) for  a total of 16 albums……

Day Sleeper is the first single of the album “UP” of 1998 (made without the drummer Bill Berry) ; the title of the song came from a true experience of Michael Stipe that, walking down the stairs of a building in NY run in to a sign hanged on a door with written ” Silence Please! Day Sleeper”.





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