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Bilbao BBK Live makes a bid for innovation and the continuous evolution of the festival with BIAAF (Bilbao International Art & Fashion), inviting emerging designers from the avantest of garde schools in the world to submit their capsule collection proposals in a festival first for its 2019 edition.

We wanted to offer an additional draw to the festival-going public with a capsule collection that would project a powerful image in terms of design and music,” commented a Bilbao BBK Live spokesperson.

Inti Núñez and Erica Oubiña, young alumni of the prestigious University of Vigo ESDEMGA (School of Fashion of Galicia), bring the added bonus of art and design to an event of such magnitude as the Bilbao BBK Live with their capsule collection, under the auspices of another leading light in the international creative sector: BIAAF, support platform for emerging talent in fashion.

It was not an easy decision as candidates included young designers from the best schools in Japan, Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, Barcelona, and Bilbao,” pointed out a BIAAF source.

The selection process was handled by a jury made up of fashion and music industry professionals, including big names like Serena Castrignano, editor of Vogue Italy; artist and designer Miriam Ocáriz; and the music group Mueveloreina; to list a few.

The young designers Inti Núñez and Erica Oubiña saw this project as “an opportunity like no other” and said that getting to create their collection for the Bilbao BBK Live was “something we never would have imagined”. They underscore the multivalence of the collection with “a musical metaphor: it would be difficult to lump clothing into a single genre”.

Conscious of the clear analogy between fashion and music, Bilbao BBK Live and BIAAF have joined forces with the primary goal of giving young creatives from around the world a chance. The winners, besides all the recognition and visibility, will receive a percentage of the sales as royalties.

Capsule collection

This capsule collection is characterized by versatility and a ‘90s flashback via color, prints, materials, and silhouette. Both Inti Núñez and Erica Oubiña with their brand Ïk.Studio feed into to the current trend of adapting sporty garments to a more urban line, resulting in a sportswear collection with high doses of design, creativity, and innovation.

The collection, exclusively purchasable from the Bilbao BBK Live website as of this very instant, consists of the trendiest garments of right now, such as poncho, jacket, and accessory essential satchel, not to mention T-shirt, a versatile garment and festivalwear staple.

Creativity and sustainability were equally important factors in deciding the winning collection. That’s why the jury settled on a “co-responsible” and environmentally friendly collection materializing from textiles made of recycled fibers, organic cotton, and water-based dyes, as well as patterning and print techniques that minimize waste generation during the production phase. A further consideration was local production.


After 12 years in existence, BIAAF has become a benchmark support platform for emerging international fashion talent. In permanent partnership with some 700 international schools, its biennial contest has reached over 5,000 designers in 90 countries, aspiring to make it a reality that these young people be able to use design as a means to a sustainable living. Furthermore, BIAAF upholds the United Nations’ SDGs—Sustainable Development Goals—in the field of emerging design through initiatives in such areas as social and environmental sustainability and is part of the United Nations SDG support and development platform.


Of both national and international renown, Bilbao BBK Live is one of the festivals to have experienced the most growth and evolution in recent years. For 14 years now thousands of people have been flocking to Kobetamendi to enjoy live music in a unique and natural environment, on the mountainside and yet right next to the vanguard city of Bilbao. This year such great national and international artists as The Strokes, Liam Gallagher, Thom Yorke, Rosalía, Weezer, Suede, and The Good, the Bad, & the Queen will be gracing its stages, among others.

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