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what was the biggest achievement of your latest album “Dig Deeper” ?

Dig Deeper has been a big effort with some really killer rewards, first our fans joined us in raising the funds needed to release an album in todays market with a successful kickstarter campaign.

After that we landed the album on multiple Billboard charts in our first week!


what inspired the lyrics of most of its songs?

Each song I approach differently and each have it’s our subject matter, inspiration usually comes from the vibe or the feel of the music, the lyrics form during the melody creation, sometimes they form meaning or story naturally has they come.


do you remember the day you wrote “built to break”?

At the moment it’s bit fuzzy, no song is really written in one day,

We demo them and they morph into what you hear today. I do recall those lyrics coming fairly quickly and tweaking the verses while we were recording them.


the most difficult moment of your career?

Honestly every moment has it’s difficulties in this life but the great moments make up for that.


what is behind the lyrics of “six feet down”?

Not too deep on that one, haha, “Lights out, over, Six feet down”. It’s just about checking out of this life.


which is the best verse you ever wrote?

I really dig the 2nd verse on “Six Feet Down”, and the 2nd verson on “This is How”


and your all time favorite lyric written for a song?

Tough to choose just one, when there’s so many, how bout for now “‘yesterday’s got nothing for me, Old pictures that I’ll always see, Some things could be better, if we’d all just let them be.”


how the tour is going?

Almost through it, haha

tell us more about the song “this is how”…

Lyrically this song is about the machine we are bound to currently in our human existance. Trying to bring a little awareness to people. 

I’m not saying we can do antyhing about it, but being aware can at least help us make choices to live the fullest we can.

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