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French R&B singer-songwriter – DJINN presents today his new single – ‘Bad Luck’.

Bad Luck’ is a sexy & edgy R&B tune accompanied by a vibrant and moody dim lighted video, shot on the streets of Paris, France, and inside a typical Haussmann building. In the city of love, you have higher chances of being knocked off of your feet by a “femme fatale”. The question is how are you going to get over her.

For DJINN, the song reveals a lesson he learned long ago: “Sometimes you need to let go of what you really want and embrace the idea that it wasn’t meant for you. That’s what the song was about.

Starting his music career before he was even aware of it, at the age of 6 when his parents decided to organize music shows at their new home to make friends in the community, DJINN has been through a lot. At the age of 16, he was able to play a bunch of instruments and started his first band, dreaming to become a superstar in 10 years. Fast forward, that didn’t happen. And it was for the good!

After a motorcycle accident in which he almost lost his legs at the age of 18, his vision over life changed completely. “If there is one thing I want you to remember from this story, is that no matter how hard life beats you down, in the end you choose to see it as a blessing or a curse!”, recalls the artist.

He chose to follow his heart & see the good in every lesson life put him through. Same has happened when he was invited for two times to audition for The Voice. First time he went, but didn’t feel quite prepared, so he said “no”. He gave it a second chance two years later, after intense vocal training. He succeeded, but only to find out that to move forward, he’d have to sign a contract for the next 15 years with an unspecified label, leaving him with little control over his creative process. And so he said “No!” for the second time to The Voice. He even wrote a song about it called “Famous.”

I want to keep it real. I want my art to be true. Yes, I do want to make some money like everyone else, but that is not the reason why I wake up everyday. It took me a while to get here and understand what I really wanted to do. But now I’m ready! In a way I have to thank them. Cause not signing with them, that’s what got me out here. Disappointed, I decided to take my amp and my guitar, and do my own The Voice in the streets. See if people stop, if they turn around… And they did!”, explains DJINN.

Bad Luck” or not, Facebook decided to censor the video because it “highlights sexual pleasure”. The irony of it all is that it doesn’t even contain any nudity. Don’t believe us & go watch for yourself!

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