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Today we will “Dream on”! : The most important success of the Aerosmith the band from Boston leaded by Steven Tyler.

Dream on is one of the first songs made by the band that is rocking the stage now since more than 42 years….

It has been released in 1973 as second single of the debut album “Aerosmith” and, as Steven is writing in his biography, it is still the dearest song for him.

Apparently, visiting his old neighborhood in Boston, Steven found in a hold house the piano that he used to write the song …….. he wanted to buy it from their current owners but with no chance……..they said no it was not for sale.

They were keen enough to let him play it and Steven met an old friend…..it was almost an extra sensorial experience.

The same piano that was used by his father and, according to an old interview with him, it inspired the chords of one of the greatest rock and roll song ever made.

But let’s go back to Dream On… Steven wrote the lyrics thinking about fame and the will, actually the “dream”, of becoming somebody.

It is also a pray to God to help him in achieving what he desired…….. we think He did it!

Aerosmith just released a new album “Music from another dimension” that contains 15 songs, some of them new some of them just re-mastered.

We were waiting that since 2004 and we can say that the album really satisfied our expectations!

We suggest you to listen to the single “What could have been love”, for the time being we leave you with the video of dream on by Aerosmith and the cover made by Eminem “Sing for the moment”


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