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The album “Dumb Days” will be released in just a few days, how are you preparing this moment? What it represents in your career?

We’ve been gearing up to it for some time now. Super psyched to get it out into the world.  Definitely a mile stone I’d say.

you will also go on tour soon correct?
Yeah, We head on tour around Australia taking our buddies from Perth Foam and Food court. It’s an ultra rock line up. 

can you tell us how you usually write the lyrics of your songs?
It’s a subconscious thing, sometimes I have some word pre-written already but whatever I’m feeling is usually what sticks. 

what inspired “Fresh”?
Some many things inspired fresh, mainly wallowing in my own self-pity that’s what usually sparks an idea. I’ve since grown from that attitude but it sneaks up every now and then. 

and “Cinderella Dracula”?
In short- Regretting a one night stand and realizing it only made me feel worst when it was in fact supposed to do the opposite.
There are plenty of other ways to feel purpose and this is just not one of them… 

do you remember the day you wrote: “Behave”?
I wrote the music for ‘Behave’ after returning home from a festival called “Hills are alive”. I had just stopped taking anti d’s and started to feel less numb.
The original lyrics I had didn’t stick they were changed last minute in the studio.

what is the best lyric you ever wrote?
Haha…. ummm…
We’re gonna move to Japan and start a post rock band… 

and the one of your favorite all time song?
Date with Ikea – Pavement

what was the biggest difficulty you had to face in your career?
Doing things you don’t want to do- but you’re obliged. Going to keep this pretty vague.
and the best moment?
Probably returning home after a grueling tour that’s always a good feeling.
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