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what influenced the music your debut album “dying to live”?

pretty much any music you can think of, we all have quite varied tastes but if we had to put it down to anything in particular it would have to be bmth, don broco, framing hanley, and panic at the disco.

In terms of the themes we wanted a variety of feelings to be conveyed so we put in fast songs, soft songs, and heavy songs to convey them.


is there a “link”between all the lyrics of the album?


There is a link between the lyrics;

I wanted to show the different sides of mental health issues and the different emotions that you go through.

Some of the songs were ways to coach myself by living by my own example, and there are some stories in there about love and loss.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?


At the moment my favourite is the second verse of “Ravens…” where it says “We are paper people, we’re a house of cards, writing paper feelings onto paper hearts” its definitely the best in my opinion.

and the one of your favorite song ?

My favourite song at the moment is “Hansha” by Oceans Ate Alaska.

I love the vibe and the theme of it


tell us more about the song “Ravens and writing desks”


Ravens and writing desks is called after the line in Alice In Wonderland where it says “how is a raven like a writing desk?” John suggested it and I thought Alice In Wonderland fitted the theme of being lost in your own head well so we ran with it.

The song is a cry for help but its also a reflection on how fragile our minds can be.


do you remember the day you wrote “Sylvia”?


I remember it quite well; the song itself was written a while ago but much slower and longer than the current version.

The title was there and John had specifically asked for it to be about his grandma, I had written lyrics for it but I wasn’t fond of them so we left the song alone for a while. John came back to me a few months later with the instrumentation much faster and more energetic, and I loved it.

It was late at night and the first line came to me straight away.

The chorus took a while to figure out what to do with, but its my favourite part of the song now.


what music does represent for you?


It represents a way of expressing a lot of the negative in my life as well as using it to help myself get through difficult times. I wouldn’t be around without it.


any project of touring soon?

We hope to tour very soon throughout the UK and if we’re lucky, do a couple of dates in europe.


how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


Usually I will be given a song with just the instrumentation and I will spend some time listening through it and working out the theme of the song based on the feeling.

I will listen to it on the bus and train to really get a good grasp on it and hum parts to myself.

Sometimes it comes instantly and I will be sat up late at night in bed working on it for only a few minutes, it really depends.

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