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Easy Life have released their brand new single ‘Daydreams.’ The first taste of the band’s hugely-anticipated debut album, ‘Daydreams’ follows Easy Life’s acclaimed mixtape ‘Junk Food,’ since inking their deal with Interscope Records in North America. Stream the track HERE.

From ‘Nightmares’ into ‘Daydreams’, and Easy Life’s graduation into becoming one of the UK’s biggest new bands to emerge, and undoubtedly poised to break America. Musically lush but lyrically melancholic, ‘Daydreams’ re-imagines an Aretha Franklin favorite (via the guys’ lifelong love of hip-hop and R&B) into a soundtrack of modern-day escapism.

“Like most of us,” comments Murray, “I’ve spent the whole year sat at home daydreaming about a possible alternate reality. Born out of boredom and idleness, ‘Daydreams’ is as much about getting drunk as it is about falling in and out of love.” Even in their more introspective moments, ‘Daydreams’ showcases Easy Life’s winning way with the minutiae and occasional absurdity of everyday life.

Befitting their glass-half-full approach, Easy Life in a global pandemic remains an optimistic and affecting prospect. Whether protesting in their local Leicester neighborhood, Zooming with fans, connecting with students locked-down at university or letting Sam loose on a series of saxophone covers (ranging from the ‘Mario Kart’ theme to ‘Game of Thrones’), it’s a philosophy of positivity that has been there ever since Easy Life started out in 2017. Back then, Easy Life’s escapist outlook seemed fairly straightforward.

The band was formed off the back of Murray’s upbringing on his parents’ turkey farm, with a colorful backstory that includes a stint managing a local milkshake shop, losing one’s self in Berlin, and culminated in the five-piece assembling at Horse Meat Disco. Three hugely-accomplished mixtapes later, however, and Easy Life have earned their stripes as universal but unusually intimate songwriters: that rare group who appear as at home baring their souls as they are tackling the environment (‘Earth’), politics (‘Nice Guys’, and the cautionary ‘Dead Celebrities’) or the fragility of male mental health (‘Nightmares’’).

A group formed – right down to the name itself – as an antidote to the hardships of the present day. The band’s hard graft and boundless creativity has seen them develop an impassioned worldwide following, now keenly awaiting their debut album. Whatever life has to throw at you, to witness the rise of Easy Life is to be reminded of the importance of ‘Daydreams’, and to Daydream Big.

‘Daydreams’ is out everywhere now.


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