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Elton John‘s collaboration with U2 for the Marc Bolan tribute-album, AngelHeaded Hipster, is available to buy and stream now.

Elton and Marc were good friends, with Elton joining T. Rex for a performance of this song back in 1971 on Top Of The Pops. Elton also appeared, with Ringo Starr, in the 1972 concert film Born to Boogie. The photo below was taken at the premiere on October 14, 1972, at the Oscar One cinema in Soho, London.

Also for the first time ever, we have Elton’s diary entry from that day!

Elton recently spoke with Alexis Petridis for The Guardian about why Marc Bolan was ‘the perfect pop star’. Read the story here.

“Marc seemed to have come from another planet: there was something otherworldly about him, as if he was just passing through Earth on his way somewhere else. ”  – Elton John

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