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London singer/songwriter/producer Khushi has announced he will be releasing his new EP titled ‘INSTINCTS’ on September 25th via Warner Records. He also shares a powerful new song and captivating video titled “I Know.” Listen HERE.
It’s the first piece of music since his major label debut album ‘Strange Seasons – which was mixed by James Blake – arrived back in January. The new song and video, directed by Gus Black, pick up where Khushi’s album left off, but in a completely different setting. In the visual, Khushi is left to his own devices, alone for a day and night in a Southern California desert. A testament to his depth and songwriting ability, Khushi elaborates on the meaning of “I Know” below:
This song is about being close to people struggling with mental health issues. On some level, it is an attempt to offer solace to people when they are in their darkest places. An attempt to say, ‘I can’t fix all of this, but I can say that I love you, I see you, I hear you and I’m here for you.’ It touches on the experience of being someone who is close to someone in a difficult place mentally, which comes with its own challenges and can be difficult emotional ground to navigate. Someone you love or give support to isn’t always in the frame of mind to be able to return that at all points, and sometimes can act in ways that can make you feel pushed away at the very moment they are most in need of support and love. This song brings compassion both for people struggling with mental health problems and for those close to them. This felt like the right time to release this song as the lockdown has been especially challenging for many people’s mental health.
Of Indian descent and raised in London, Khushi, whose childhood nick-name derives from the Indian word for “joy,” is in the lineage of U.K. alternative and electronic giants like Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, and Radiohead. His music is brimming with distinct, intimate moments that at any given time can build into gorgeous walls of cinematic sound.
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