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North Carolina star-in-the-making Nick Bonin has shared a soul-stirring new song and trippy video for “White Lies” on Masked Records / Warner Records. The 19-year-old crooner unveils “White Lies” on the heels of “Fell Too Far” – his viral track which has surpassed over 35 million streams to-date, accompanied by a FaZe Clan-produced music video and championed by the Fortnite community. Nick’s heartfelt alt-pop melodies cut through beautifully on the song in a similar fashion as one of his biggest musical influences, the late Juice WRLD. The new video finds Nick lost in the woods as he navigates through the thick of his emotions. Check out what he had to say about the song below and feast your eyes on the new video now.
The song is about feeling lost and alone with the thought of the person you love being so far away. The ‘white lies’ are the things you tell yourself to make that feeling not be as strong and to try and come to terms with the issue. At the end of the day, you know you need this person and want to be next to them but everything is in your way. It can apply to not just an intimate relationship, but even your friends or family during times in COVID, not being able to see the ones you love.” – Nick Bonin
It was less than two years ago that Charlotte, NC artist Nick Bonin, who suffers from a diagnosed panic disorder, became so agoraphobic that he wouldn’t leave his room for weeks at a time. He dropped out of high school and gradually found respite from his mental illness in making music (singing and producing all of his own stuff). Sonically rooted in contemporary hip-hop, his music takes punk sensibilities —a scene from which he emerged — and combines it with the best of the emo-pop movement. Considering the Colorado-based artist was scraping pennies for a pack of cigarettes only months ago, he himself can hardly believe the rate of his professional evolution. Now with over 260,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a new lease on life, Nick is finally at the helm and manifesting his destiny.
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