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Have you ever experienced a rock concert where the crowd remains silent?

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We believe it happens only when an extraordinary artist plays one of his most famous song….

This happened yesterday in Dubai @DubaiJazzFest with Sting and “Fields of Gold”, song written in 1993 as part of the album “Ten Summoner’s Tales”

The second day of the Dubai Jazz Festival was above expectations! It all started with an amazing performance of  Lindsey Stirling FullSizseRender, a very talented violinist and artist (you should have seen her dancing on stage! it was extremely difficult to take a good picture :-)) and it concluded with a performance of Sting that Dubai will remember for a very long time…

No special stage set-up, no lights effects; only pure music…the one that goes directly in to your heart and, from time to time, makes you dance like there is no tomorrow.

Sting, now 63 years old, is able to do things that very few musicians and artist do…..it makes you forget all your problems and just enjoy the moment; even if you are with other 20.000 people, it will look like he was playing just for you.

Today another great artist will perform at the http://www.dubaijazzfest.com…..John Legend!!!!

few tickets are left for you to buy! Hurry!!!

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