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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


I keep track of fragments of ideas, feelings or words I think of, which I then elaborate on as I begin to play around with a guitar melody.


Is there a link, lyrically, between all the songs of your new EP “Empty Drinks Empty Hearts”?



Though all the songs have different meanings to them, all of them were written with a similar feeling and exude a similar emotion.

I took the title Empty Drinks/Empty Hearts from a lyric in “Empty Drinks”, one of the songs on the EP.

I instantly knew that should be the title, as it encapsulates the entire feeling of the EP, which is a sober sort of reflection on that post-party emptiness.


What inspired “Nothing More”?

“Nothing More” is a culmination of the events and people I knew, inspired by my personal experiences while growing up.


and “Blur”?


“Blur” was one of the first songs I wrote that’s on the EP. It has since has evolved to mean a lot of different things for me, directed at different people during different stages of my life.

What does music mean for you?


For me, music is a way to express feelings or ideas that are otherwise hard to express.

What was the first record you purchased? Do you remember where did you purchase it?


The first record I purchased was Francoise Hardy. I bought it at this small record store in London for only £3 and it’s still one of my favorite albums to listen to.


Do you remember the day you wrote “Empty Drinks”?


I wrote “Empty Drinks” in a hotel room in New York City in between recording sessions.

It was the last song I wrote that’s on the EP, created in a moment of reflection.

It ended up encapsulating a lot of the central themes and feeling of the entire EP.

It was a moment of reflection and ended up encapsulating a lot of the central themes and the entire feeling of the EP.


Are you going to be on tour soon?

I’m planning some live shows in and around the New York City area for early 2018, and will be looking to book a tour in the late spring.


What is the best lyric you ever wrote?


I think some of my favorite lyrics are in “Empty Drinks.” One of my favorite lines is actually the first one –

“Tattoos you don’t know the meaning / All this buzz but no feeling / Empty drinks and empty hearts / Seems like the end of every start”


And the one of your favorite songs (not written by you)?


One of my favorite lyric comes from the song “Landlocked Blues” by Bright Eyes, written by one of my all time favorite songwriters, Conor Oberst.

All of the lyrics in the song are poetry, but I’d say this is my favorite:

“I keep drinking the ink from my pen / And I’m balancing history books up on my head / But it all boils down to one quotable phrase: / ‘If you love something give it away.’”



Photo Cred: Joseph Paradiso

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