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Fresh from supporting international labelmates Panic! At The Disco on their recent Australian arena tour, 20-year-old E^ST (aka Mel Bester) is thrilled to share her long-awaited EP Life Ain’t Always Roses today. The seven-track collection features widely-lauded tracks ‘Blowjob’, ‘I Don’t Lack Imagination’ and ‘Alien’, as well as E^ST’s newest single ‘Friends’.

On the new single, E^ST says: “Friends is inspired by my friendship with my little sister and is my way of reminding her that I’ll always be there for her”.Bester worked with Australian luminaries M-Phazes, Dann Hume and Japanese Wallpaper on the production of the EP, which brims with charisma and irresistible pop hooks. She says: “Some of these songs were fun to write, others were difficult, some took a lot of thought and others none at all. But at the core, every song is super honest and I feel relieved to have written them.”

E^ST will round out the year with a string of headline tour dates. The ‘Life Ain’t Always Roses’ Tour will hit venues in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

1. Alien
2. I Don’t Lack Imagination
3. Heaven In My Mind
4. Blowjob
5. Pure
6. Friends
7. Ad Break Pastime


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