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A new album by (he’d)p.e.(http://www.hedperocks.com/) is going to be released very soon, Jahred answered us to our question regarding their history, future projects and, of course , lyrics

RYL:  “Evolution” is your new album that will be released in July 22nd….today we are going to focus on its lyrics……which difference they have with another important album for you like “Only in America”?

(Hed)p.e.: good question!  Only in Amerika was written in response to all the censorship I had experienced at Jive Records, and all the censorship that was going on at that time with the janet Jackson nipple and all that drama, so I decided to create a sort of shock treatment, push your buttons style album, where I talked as much shit as possible

This new album evolution is just an honest album, and there are no gratuitous curse words or hardcore sexual lyrics on this one…I’m a father now and in a totally different place in my life…and the records always reflect honestly where I’m at in my life…OIA was a sweet album for its time, cuz I wrote some really silly, funny punch lines, and some of those songs became classics like raise hell and amerikan beauty, but they are nostalgic and not representative of the man I am today

Evolution is a reflection of the man I am today and who I want to be tomorrow

RYL:  How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs and how have you written the one of Evolution?

(Hed)p.e.: I’ve written all the lyrics on all the hedpe albums, except for one song on the first album…the lyrics come about in different ways…sometimes I just write down ideas and then revisit them, in fact, most times, I have titles or ideas about subject matter floating around in my head, and wait for the right music to put them to…but for me as important as the lyrics are;

the way I ride the beat and flow the melodies are just as important, but your interview is about lyrics so, I would also say that some lyrics are written to fit into a certain rhythmic format, because I may come up with a certain flow then fit the lyrics to that flow

RYL: Which is the most meaningful verse you ever wrote?

(Hed)p.e.: First lyrics on the new album EVOLUTION;



That sums up my life and the album, and when I found those words I felt so, so satisfied with them….

The fact that the album starts with those two lines for me is perfect…

 RYL: and the one of the rock song you love the most?

(Hed)p.e.:  ramble on…nows the time the time is now…sing my song…i’m goin round the world, I’ve gotto find my girl, on my way, I been this way ten years to the day, ramble on, find the queen of all my dreams

Found her

RYL:  Tell us everything about the lyrics of “No Tomorrow”….

(Hed)p.e.: Its all about being present in the NOW, I’m a big fan of Eckhart tolle, so this song is about evolution, revolution, but being grateful about the moment, whatever it is

RYL:  and “2 Many Games”?

(Hed)p.e.:Too many games is a love song to my girl…its just the blues really…its me pouring my soul out about my relationship with my wife and mother of my only son…sometimes poetic, but mostly just honesty

RYL: Let’s go back to the album “Only in America” and lets talk about “The Box”, do you remember writing it?

(Hed)p.e.: oh yes, again, it was the mindset after having come off of jive records and not having a good experience there with the asshole that was my AandR guy, who tried to destroy my career

So, once I got away from that fuck I kept writing songs in response to my experience there

RYL:  and “Raise Hell”?

(Hed)p.e.:  Raise hell was written as a heavy metal krunk joint, and became a classic…its fucking buck….its punk rock at its finest really…just a fun song…having fun….not meant to be taken seriously

RYL: Where you will be going to be on tour while supporting the album?

(Hed)p.e.: We leave for tour July 6th and tour the USA until mid September then leave for Europe in October

RYL: which is the weirdest musical instrument you ever played?

(Hed)p.e.: Hmmm, I wouldn’t use the word weird to describe an instrument, but that digiridoo is the weirdest one I’ve ever attempted to play

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