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Today we spoke with Newspoke about their forthcoming debut album due out February, 2017.

Newspoke explores the contrast of lightness and darkness in Faces.

The record was born out of failed relationships, life-threatening illness, and new beginnings. It’s both dark and comedic. Standout tracks on the record include, “I Apologize For Dying On Your Shoes,” “Normal,” and “Heather.”

Faces was mixed and mastered by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney, The Decemberists) in Portland, OR. It will be available on all digital distribution platforms February, 2017.

How are you preparing the release of your debut album“Faces” what was the most difficult moment during its preparation? 


The fear that no one will hear it.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs? 


The lyrics can flow over a few minutes with some.

With others they will be pieced together over years, in some instances a decade.  They need to always mean something and be personal.

Nothing is ever stream of consciousness nonsense.


Do you remember writing “Judas Tree”?  


We were talking about someone and the phrase came up: “there’s a special place in hell for someone like that”.  The idea of the song morphed quickly from that.

What inspired the lyrics of “Normal”?  


We often take the basic things in life for granted.

We have grand ambitions and when we’re limited by a downfall, the bigger goals and dreams get swept aside for the desire to at least achieve normalcy.

Our expectations become limited, which isn’t always a bad thing.

The song ends with a cautionary warning to a younger self.


And the one of your favorite song (not written by you)?  


Notorious BIG – Warning – Who the f—- is this?  Paging me at 5:46 in the morning, crack of dawn, now I’m yawning, wipe the cold out my eye. See who’s this paging me and why.

What is the last song you wrote?  


For this album, it was “Normal”.

It was just a simple piano tune that was for myself but R had bigger ideas for it.  It was a struggle to make it compelling beyond just a boy and a piano, but R pulled some of his magic out of his hat and made it into something more.


What is the best thing of performing for your audience? 


Finally playing these songs for someone other than ourselves.


What inspired “I apologize for dying on your shoes”?


A friend was sick in a hospital bed and I watched as his significant other couldn’t care less.


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Photo Credit: Gabby Bullen

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