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Combining the best of music, fashion & lifestyle, Fashionpalooza takes you on a journey through Berlin’s urban fashion jungle. Watch mesmerizing fashion performances, step up your game in voguing classes, stroll through the onsite fashion market, lean back in a lush textile garden or get lost in the forest of mirrors.

Channel your inner Madonna in voguing classes, step up your hair game with space buns, stroll through the onsite fashion market or get lost taking selfies in the forest of mirrors.

Fashion goes way beyond the borders of runways and magazines. Some of the best fashion comes from festivals, where people from all over the world get crazy and creative with all kinds of bold textures, patterns and colors. With Fashionpalooza we’re creating a space for you to express yourself, show your style, stay curious, be inspired – and above all, inspire others!

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Make sure to download the Lolla App – on the App Store and via the Google Play Store! Highlight your favourite acts, take a look at the map and stay up to date! The app will be updated constantly until the festival starts.

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