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How do you usually write your songs?
Any whicha way.
We might start with a riff, with a lyric, with a song title, with a  subject matter, or with a drumbeat, and build from there.
What is the best verse you ever wrote?
Lindsey wrote this one:
‘People think they know what kind of girl I am/ they take one look they think they understand/ and they’re always surprised when they meet me/ apparently I’m very misleading”
Tell us more about your new song “turn it off”….
We just released a super melancholy unplugged version of it with out friend Andy Stavas from the band Kiev on saxophone.
The original version of Turn It Off was one of the first songs we wrote and recorded for FEMEJISM.
We wrote it while we recorded it at Sunset Ranch in El Paso, Texas, with producer Nick Zinner.
Who gave you the most important music advice ?
Vincent Gallo told us to stay true to what we were doing very early on.
He also had the very specific advice: “Remember, you’re not a two piece, you’re a
FOUR piece– drums, guitar, and two vocals.”
And we have always made use of all our pieces.
What was the biggest achievement of your last EP Femejism?
We really stepped away from our sonic comfort zone for that one.
We are usually going for the heaviest, most devastating riffs, but we lightened up a bit for that one.
Which is your favorite all time song ?
Lyrically?  Probably some Father John Misty song– he’s a master of words.
(“Turn this awful mouth breathing down…”
Or else these Quasi lyrics: “Life is dull/ Life is gray/ At its best it’s just okay/ But I’m happy to report/ Life is also short.”  Spot on!
do you remember the day you wrote “smile more”?
Lindsey wrote that one a day when we called off our booked studio time because she was running like 5 hours late and there was no point.
So she went home and wrote Smile More.
how was playing at “reading”?
Always epic.  That was our 3rd time.
can you share with us your future plans?
We’ve got a few more festivals to wrap up the year, including Desert daze in Joshua Tree October 12 – 15th, which I started with my husband 6 years ago.  Then we’ll get to record number 3.
what is the message of the song “grunge blood”?
‘Grunge Bond’?  It’s pretty self-explanatory.
“Don’t think too much/ You’ll hurt your head/ Why don’t you feel/ Something instead.”
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