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Los Angeles based band, Figs Vision, have been honing their spiritual craft in the portal world. After taking a two-year hiatus due to cerebral implosion they have mended their minds and are returning with a new extended play titled, “Choo Choo“, which is out today.
The title track is described as a “post ceremonial break through and implosion captured through sound”
Earlier this month, the band announced their return from a hiatus taken earlier this year. They’ve shared two singles: “Boy Pressure” and “Return of the Mystic“.
With a reputation for blending experimental pop and electronica, the group continues to conjure new possibilities within the dream-world which follows them. Figs Vision delivers a unique and immersive live show that draws its audience into a kaleidoscope of sound, light, and movement.
The band is composed of Jordan Spoliansky, Gunner Sixx, Zackary Darling and Micheal Musselman.
Choo Choo is available everywhere today. 
Choo Choo Track Listing
1. Boy Pressure
2. Return of the Mystic
3. Tenna
4. Choo Choo
5. Mini Garden
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