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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH have released their highly anticipated seventh studio album “AND JUSTICE FOR NONE” today! For the new album – their first full length since 2015’s “Got Your Six” – the group re-teamed with longtime producer Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Disturbed) and once again stepped up their game. With their customary airtight riffs, muscular grooves and seismic melodies, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH maintain their signature intensity, all while pushing themselves into new territories on “AND JUSTICE FOR NONE”. For all physical and digital configurations and exclusive, limited-edition merchandise bundles go to this link.

 “AND JUSTICE FOR NONE” has reached streaming milestones in the five songs released prior to its official street date leading with first single “Sham Pain” which has reached the #2 slot on iTunes’ Metal Songs chart and debuted Top 10 on the U.S. Rock Song Chart. To date, the song has received over 3 million streams.

“’Sham Pain’ is a lyrical snapshot of probably the most chaotic, yet the biggest year of our career”, says guitarist ZOLTAN BATHORY. “So far we’ve come out of every bear attack relatively un-scraped, and the band is tighter than ever. Life is not so difficult if you don’t take yourself sooo seriously. As long as you can find the humor in everything you are winning and the winning is strong with this video, as it follows the footsteps of our NOscar winning masterpiece ‘Jekyll and Hyde.’ It was a simple process: We lit the set on fire and then made our poor director Rob Anderson’s artistic sense into a piñata. Whatever he could salvage became the music video”.

Fake has generated just under 1 million streams in the U.S. during its first week and made the viral chart on Spotify in multiple countries. Gone Away the band’s previous single (a cover of The Offspring’s 1997 hit) reached #2 at Active Rock radio, and continues to chart Top 15 at the format.  “Gone Away” has received over 35 million streams in the U.S. and has sold over 120.000 downloads.

 The band has garnered over 1.3 billion streams on Spotify since 2015, daily out-streaming iconic peers such as System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Korn, Slipknot, and Black Sabbath. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are streaming only second to Metallica in their genre and are out-streaming mainstream artists including U2, Radiohead, and Muse on a daily basis.



‘And Justice For None’ Standard Album Artwork & Playlist
1. Fake
2. Top Of The World
3. Sham Pain
4. Blue On Black
5. Fire In The Hole
6. I Refuse
7. It Doesn’t Matter
8. When The Seasons Change
9. Stuck In My Ways
10. Rock Bottom
11. Gone Away
12. Bloody
13. Will The Sun Ever Rise
‘And Justice For None’ Deluxe Album Artwork & Playlist



1. Trouble (Bonus Track)
2. Fake
3. Top Of The World
4. Sham Pain
5. Blue On Black
6. Fire In The Hole
7. I Refuse
8. It Doesn’t Matter
9. When The Seasons Change
10. Stuck In My Ways
11. Rock Bottom
12. Gone Away
13. Bloody
14. Will The Sun Ever Rise
15. Bad Seed (Bonus Track)
16. Save Your Breath (Bonus Track)


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