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Five to one baby….

Again Rock Your Lyrics bring you in front of the stage….

It has been a summer of concerts…..we ended up seeing twice the amazing Doors

In this video you can see FIVE TO ONE, with an amazing guitar play by Robbie Krieger

“Five to one” is rumored to be the approximate ratio of whites to blacks, young to old, or pot smokers to non-pot smokers in the US in 1967, depending on whom you ask.

A further urban legend has it as the ratio of Viet Cong to American troops in Vietnam. However, when asked, Jim said the lyrics were not politics

We were in Milan, Italy, it was july, very hot day and full of mosquitos……we didn’t mind….in front of us the history of ROCK N ROLL…

Here below the link on our YouTube channel ….

We want the world and we want it now……



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