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Foxing announces a new partnership between their recently-minted label, Grand Paradise, and esteemed indie Hopeless Records. To celebrate, Foxing has released a new song and video in “Go Down Together”, and as only they can, they tackle a massive subject in an extraordinary way. Stream it HERE.

The St. Louis group takes a bold turn towards Passion Pit/Phoenix/MGMT/’00s indie on the track, as vocalist Conor Murphy muses on being a young adult in debt (“ever since I got going, I’ve been going for broke”). A nod to “The Trail’s End” by Bonnie Parker“Go Down Together” is a song about devotion and desperation. It is about financial ruin, hopeless grief, and the resilience of love.

The video for “Go Down Together” was co-directed and partially animated by Conor himself in a process called rotoscoping. First, everything is shot live-action and then each frame is drawn over individually to bring the footage to life in a totally different way.

Foxing has garnered a reputation as a band that goes big. With each release, the St. Louis-based group has appeared downright determined to top the expansiveness of their previous works. But with three sprawling and well-received records now under their belt, the band had seemingly left themselves little ground to uncover.

But remember, this is Foxing. Just when you think you know what to expect, they exceed every expectation. Earlier this spring, a link was posted to their social media that led to an early 90’s looking website with nothing but six “rituals” on-screen with only one unlocked – an Ouija-style puzzle to solve. The reward for figuring it out? Early access to the band’s first new song in over three years titled “Speak With The Deadfeaturing Yoni Wolf of WHY?.

Just last week, Foxing revealed a second ritual at drawdownthemoon.org––this time, it’s a text adventure game in the style of 1977’s Zork, using elements and themes heavily explored in the music. Once completed, fans received an 8-bit version of “Go Down Together”, as well as the chords & lyrics to the song to encourage fan covers and interpretations.


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