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Today, From Ashes to New released their new music video for “Broken”, the follow-up single to their hit “Crazy” which recently reached #2 on the U.S. Rock Radio chart. The track conveys a message of perseverance and believing in yourself when others try to push you down and hold you back in life. It’s a reoccurring theme in their music that is very personal to the band.

Their debut album Day One earned the band a Top 10 track at Rock Radio with the single “Through It All”. Following  an extensive album cycle,  the band’s original drummer and co-vocalist both abruptly left the band. Rather than focusing on the setbacks, From Ashes to New forged ahead with a new energy and purpose. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based band, now comprised of frontman/rapper/programmer Matt Brandyberry, guitarist Lance Dowdle, vocalist Danny Case, and drummer Mat Madiro (Trivium) released their sophomore album, The Future earlier this year.The band is touring the U.S. extensively for the rest of the year and are working on plans for a European tour in early 2019.


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