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From Ashes to New’s sophomore album The Future is out now Better Noise Records.

Featuring lead single  “Crazy,”  an anthem for the people feeling caught in the middle of a situation and confused by it all, The Future showcases the Lancaster, PA-based band’s revamped lineup and sound.

Consisting of founding front man/rapper/programmer Matt Brandyberry, guitarist Lance Dowdle, new vocalist Danny Case, and drummer Mat Madiro, From Ashes To New’s chemistry is undeniable on stage and on the new album, which sees the band expanding their musical palette and taking their blend of rock, hip/hop, pop, and metal to new heights.

The album was written at frontman Matt Brandyberry’s home studio and recorded at Atrium Audio with producers Carson Slovakand Grant McFarland (August Burns Red), Nick “Raz” Furlong and Colin Brittain(Papa Roach, Blink-182). mixed by Josh Wilbur (Korn, Lamb Of God).

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