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What would happen if we had replayed the history of pop since the 1970s?

Black Haze“, LLOYD‘s album will be out on April 12th. The extract “Not A Dreamer” is already available on YouTube. LLOYD returns to the fundamentals of rock and pop. This new album deals with the dream and promises a rich and dreamlike universe, playing both the energy of rock and the subtlety of pop.

The ears glued to the vinyl of Supertramp and Pink Floyd, the brotherhood Lloyd operates a real return to the future with a powerful and incisive rock with licked arrangements. Formed in 2011, with already two EP and two singles to his credit, the trio has made its place on the indie scene in Paris.

For the first EP in 2014, the band recorded alongside a rock legend, Greg T. Walker (Blackfoot & Lynyrd Skynyrd). The Blues is palpable, the rage of rock, too.

The second EP marks a turning point in the sound of the group that asserts itself and away from its first influences. The atmosphere is more gliding, the synthetic makes its place and the arrangements more neat. With Alexis on vocals and guitars, Loris on keyboards and Antoine on drums, LLOYD brings together rock fans from all walks of life, where the organic crosses the synthetics on unifying melodies.

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