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are you happy about the success obtained by your album “Give it a meaning”?


The reaction so far has been amazing but i really feel like we’re still just getting started with this.

Everything is really still so new and we have a lot of people to introduce this music to!


is there a link between all its songs, lyrically speaking?


I mean all the songs were written within the same year so they all kind of lyrically followed the journey from my old project to rediscovering myself and exploring some new directions.

The one link there always seems to be is one of hope and positivity.

what does music mean for you?


Music is my therapy… it’s my connection to the universe.. I’m a bit of a private person in many ways and I save most of my experiences and feelings for the music i create.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?


Oh I have no idea… i’d be way more interested in hearing what other people felt was the best… because then i’d know what connected with them most.

For me, i’m proud of all the stuff i’ve released… maybe not so much of other things i’ve thrown away haha


and the one of your favorite song? (Not written by you)

I think Imagine by John Lennon is one of the greatest songs of all time… simple, powerful and lyrically in line with my own inner feelings.


what inspired your new song something “slow down” ?

Slow Down was one of the first songs I wrote when i stepped away from my last band and started this adventure…

I went into the studio with my good friend and long time song writing partner Cooper Anderson and we played around for an afternoon and that is what that sounded like.

do you remember the day you wrote “I want nothing”?

I believe it was January of this year actually… my co-producer on the album Bobby G and i felt we needed one more song so we both started pounding out a bunch of musical ideas… he sent me over the piano line and I just started singing over it.

We loved the idea right away so we dug in and built the song on top those ideas.
what is your favorite Saturday night record?

oh man, so many but for some reason the song ‘Things are getting better’ by N.E.R.D. was the first to jump into my head… been a while since i listened to that one, but from what i remember that song sounds like a saturday night.

personal question – what makes you happy in life?

Feeling comfortable, having things to look forward to, surrounding myself with people I respect who respect me and having time to create.

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