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Everything started from a really cool jacket, an exotic one as Anthony Kiedis describes in his book Scare Tissue.

The jacket was owned by the singer Nina Hagen that gifted to him even if it was the nicest jacket in her closet.

Well, now you might thing that something happened between the two, while nothing happened (are we sure ? not really 🙂 ), Nina was just happy to have given to him something that he really liked.

She said to him ” it is always nice to give things away, it creates good energy”………. and this triggered the part of the song that does: “Give it away, Give It Away , give it away now…”

We can definitively say that day Anthony brought home much more than a jacket: one song and also a way of living….. giving to people instead of keeping everything for yourself!

Give it Away has been released in 1991 and can be considered one of the first international success of the band, part of the album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik”.

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