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Dream punk band Glacier Veins have released their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Lunar Reflection.‘ The album focuses on self reflection and encourages listeners to evaluate their value in their personal relationships. Stream it HERE.

‘Lunar Reflection’ is an album about going inward to create a better understanding of oneself through reflecting on one’s relationships with other people and with the world that we live in,” shares vocalist/guitarist Malia Endres.

The Moon has an ability to shine a light into the darker spaces in order to see things more clearly,” Endres stated. “I hope listeners are able to get in touch with their emotions and explore the relationships around them.” Endres’ lyrics and the band’s wondrous instrumentals truly create a space full of exploration and takes the listener on an inward journey.

Be sure to check out Lunar Reflection and its accompanying merch HERE!

Glacier Veins will be celebrating the release with a month-long US tour starting today, March 14th, catch them at one of the shows below!


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