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Are you happy of the success of your last EP New Dynasty?

I am so happy! It was my first EP release and the response was so positive and uplifting. I owe most of that success to my incredibly supportive fans.

When you will release a new album/EP?

I’m working on tons of new material right now and constantly working with new producers to create something magical. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on!


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

I usually pick up the vibe of the music and how I’m feeling that day and based on that I figure out what I want to say.

I always start with getting a track together, coming up with a cool melody, and then I begin to write the lyrics. It needs to feel cohesive like all the different parts are one.


What is the best verse you have ever written?

I typically love choruses the most but my favorite verse would be the first verse of “Stadium.”


What inspired “Glow”?

“Glow” is really about the glow you get when you are extremely happy and excited about something.

This excitement could be from being in love, getting your dream job, or even acing a test! The music and lyrics of “Glow” literally make you glow!


And “Machines”?

“Machines” is about going after what you want and not letting anyone get in your way. The idea of doing something like a machine is being strong, fearless, and UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a very empowering song.


What is your favorite Sunday morning record?

Sundays are either Sunday Fundays or I binge watch TV and movies.

If it’s a Sunday Funday then I’m usually listening to fun upbeat music all day long like the Top 40 playlist on Spotify.

If it’s a relaxing Sunday then I’m probably listening to Good Vibes on Spotify.

Since it’s Christmas time I’ve been blasting lots of Christmas music too.




Photo Credit: Capricorn Clark

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