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Your new album “good life” was released at the end of September, is there a link between all the songs of the album?


The album does tie together! Generally, the album is split between a broken hero, and a birage of ex lovers, scattered through his struggles.

In crazy, lisa, ride it out, salt lake, and secrets, you can see the unwrapping of the relationship once had, and the ego of the hero, which is breaking apart.

From a desperate chime to convince someone to “stop acting crazy”, into telling them “i hate you!” Followed by taking it back, asking them to “keep going”, pleading why thery’re so far away, and FINALLY, with no regard for emotion, blurting they’re a “f###ing whore”, you see the entirety of heartbreak and confusion ensue, and it’s quite an intense roller coaster.

Meanwhile, you see in songs like clockwork, till we’re gone, wheres my charger, and you can’t blame me, other hardships in life, meant to take place alongside the hearthrobbing romance, which further depict how lost the hero is becoming. (Wheres my charger is also a form of comic relief, while also being a TRAVESTY).

Then finnally, the record sends off with blast off, taking all that has happened to the character, and sending it a final goodbye as they “blast off” and take to the skies to pursue a new, and happier life.


how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


Generally, I approach lyrics in an open format. I try not to limit myself to what I directly understand.

I like to use writing as a form of learning! For example, if someone I know is going through a really hard time, I will attempt to empathise with them by writing a song via their perspective.

It also allows for a great form of ammusement for those people when I show them the songs I wrote for them!


which is the best verse you ever wrote?


The best verse is definitely ride it out’s first verse. I only feel that way because its the only pretty, and delicate verse I’ve ever done, that I didn’t find too cheesy.


and your favorite verse in a song you didn’t write?


I’ve always liked my chemical romance’s dead. that whole songs lyrics are amazing, because it litterally is about somebody dying, and along with the music, I FEEL the concept they were trying to showcase, and not a lot of songs do that for me.


tell us more about the song “secrets”….



Secrets is like that song you would drunkenly write and send of to someone, hoping they’d listen to it and think two things;

Man this sounds awful, and they wrote this for ME?

It’s the perfect degree of carlessness, and pain.


and what about “crazy”?



Crazy is a clear depiction of someone saying “WHAT THE F#*@%$, WHY YOU DO THIS” almost in meme type fashion.


do you remember the day you wrote “You can’t blame me”?



I do remember you can’t blame me, it was the same day as secrets and wheres my charger.


what does music mean for you?


Music is an escape for me, just like any other medium of art. It’s stories that you can sink your teeth into.

It’s an image of whatever quality you’d like. It paints a picture, and I love getting lost in it.


are you planning to tour Europe soon?


I’m certainly wanting it, but currently there’s nothing on the books to say we’re coming!



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