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How many of you would have decided to open a record store in Belfast during the 1970s, in the middle of a civil war between nationalists and unionists (period otherwise called, The Troubles)? Most probably nobody……

Terry Hooley did that, he founded Good Vibrations, initially it started as just a shop, while later became a record label promoting the North Ireland Punk Scene to the rest of the world.

Terry promoted artists like Victim, Rudi, The Moondo Shapes, Protex, The Moondogs,The OutcastsThe Tearjerkers and The Undertones…….he is named as Godfather of irish punk.

The multi-awarded movie, inspired by Good Vibration was released in march 2013; it has been written by Colin Carberry and Glenn Patterson and directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn.


It is a journey on a life of a man, passionate of music and rock and roll, that suddenly discovers a new world, much younger than him, much louder than the Rolling Stones and much faster on a guitar than Eric Clapton……..the PUNK.

It is also a discovery of the first years of a movement (the punk movement) that changed the youth of many kids in Belfast….. finally they had a different choice than the one of joining one or another military group…….music was saving their life.

a movie that, as somebody said: IS LOUDER THAN WAR!!!

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