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GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter Emily Weisband releases her defiant-yet-dreamy single, “New Salt.” A stark, biting rebuke to a late-night phone call from a persistent ex, “New Salt” finds the critically acclaimed pop stylist completely in her feelings—a mode in which she always thrives.
Listen to “New Salt” HERE
Over moody, minimalist production, Weisband sings of the turmoil caused by reopened wounds, with that pain cresting on a bridge that shows off her powerful voice. Still, she sounds confident in the path that has led her away from someone who’s long owed her apologies. She’s moved on, and seems to feel pretty good about her decision. “Ain’t it just like you,” she sings with a near-audible smirk. “Putting new salt in an old wound.”
“New Salt” is the first taste of where Weisband and her music are headed after a whirlwind 12 months punctuated by the release of the acclaimed ‘Not Afraid to Say Goodbye’ EP. After writing celebrated songs for artists like Camilla Cabello, Dan + Shay, BTS with Halsey, and Keith Urban, Weisband continued her journey from behind the scenes and into the spotlight, which began with her 2019 EP ‘Identity Crisis.’ She’s brought her impressive, GRAMMY-winning songcraft front and center, and her willingness to share her journey has resonated: She now has 10 million streams globally, with nearly 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and she won critical acclaim from top tier media outlets. And if “New Salt” is any indication, she’s becoming more self-assured with time, a perspective that’ll surely fuel her as she prepares to release even more new music.
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