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Tell us more about your upcoming tour…..

This will be the first of many runs for Hang Tight. We plan on playing out as much as humanly possible. You can expect stage dives, finger guns, and all around high energy.

Here are our upcoming shows as of right now, but keep checking back, because we’re always adding new shows.


October 27th – Mondo – Summit NJ

October 28th – York Live – York PA

October 29th – The Barbary – Philadelphia PA

November 1st – The Drunk Horse Pub – Fayetteville NC

November 2nd – Rockin Hard Saloon – Murrells Inlet SC


are you satisfied of the result obtained by your album “Grind” ?


We moved my studio 4 times while recording these songs and I had a neighbor banging on the side of my house every time we tried to play drums.

Even with all the headaches that we’ve been through to finish this EP, we’re all very happy with the outcome.

We think GRIND is a great starting point for Hang Tight and it leaves plenty of room to grow with future releases.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


My lyrics are usually written very late at night when the rest of the world is asleep. The way that I write is very specific and hard hitting.

I write about things that impacted my life for the better or the worse.

For example, Pretty In True Blue is about a girl I was briefly engaged to that passed away. Instead of using her name in the song, I replaced it with the word Pretty. “Pretty say goodbye to feeling so empty, Pretty say goodbye to a broken family, Pretty you said goodbye to everyone but me”.

do you remember the day you wrote “digital age”?


Yes! Digital age was actually the last song that I wrote for GRIND. I remember thinking all these songs are pretty good, but they are all very different.

I need a song that will glue everything together and give the right first impression of our new band. Fast. Catchy. Confrontational. “Johnny Cash Kurt Cobain all the greats roll in their graves because thousands meet up to watch a kid press play”.

This is a low blow towards DJs but fuck DJs.

We load our heavy equipment on to stage every night and practice our instruments for hours everyday, for some guy with a laptop to plug in and sell out venues.

“So look at me, look at me not at your screen, lets do something that makes us bleed yeah I wanna know your heart still beats”.

We just want to feel alive in a time where everyone lives through their phones.


and “the rents”?

Man… this song hurts. I had just been kicked out of my parents house, changed locks and all.

We loaded up my entire studio into our shuttle bus and I moved in with our guitarist Sterling and his family.

They were kind enough let me stay in an upstairs room and set up all my equipment to work on new songs for our band.

I didn’t have a car and all my money was tied up in deposits for shows I was booking. The first night I couldn’t sleep, so I set up my computer and one mic and demoed out the first version of The Rents.

“I just want a home to go to, I just want a chance to regain my wasted youth”. I’ve always had a place to sleep, but I’ve never had a home.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?


This is my favorite line from GRIND.

“I’ve got love, I’ve got hate and it pumps through my veins”.


and the one of your favorite song ?

I Will Buy You A New Life by Everclear, I know this song has been overplayed on every radio station since the day it came out, but everything about this song to me is perfect.

The production, the melodies, the feeling of desperation, and of course the lyrics. “I will buy you a garden where your flowers can bloom”, what a perfect line.

I start my day at 5am everyday, I head to the gym and blast this song in my headphones.

This song keeps me striving for a better life.



what does music mean to you?

Music is everything to me. I love song writing, I love recording and the science behind every instrument and note played.

I love all the friends that I’ve made from being in bands and playing shows. I picked up my first drum sticks and guitar when I was 5 and never let go.


what inspired the song “be mine”?

Be Mine was inspired by a high school relationship and my unhealthy obsession with Avril Lavigne.

One of my first band’s single had been blowing up and I had just started to dip my toes into the touring world.

We rolled up to every show in my beat up 1993 suburban blasting Avril Lavigne out the windows and while everything was changing there was only one constant which was the girl I had been dating.

“I wish I could go back in time and live the days when you were mine”.

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