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It wasn’t new for us to stand in the crowd and look closely to the new Guns and Roses, most probably the 5th concert that we see in the last three years.

We weren’t always happy about the performance, sometimes it was the length of the set,  sometimes the delay of the band in the planned performance, sometimes Axl’s voice not at his best and maybe sometimes it was just us not in the proper mood (we would die to see the old Guns playing together).

This time something was different, the set lasted almost two hours and a half, Axl’s voice (despite a difficult warm up) was amazingly strong and the band seemed to have real fun on stage.


Between new and old songs of the band (the acoustic performance of Patience was amazing)…. we loved the covers of “Another brick in the wall” of Pink Floyd and “The Seeker” of The Who.


What we didn’t like was the show in general, too many fireworks, too much show off (Motley Crue style – but we love them because they are unique in doing it!)……music was not so important.


Dj Ashba’s guitar with Marilyn Monroe was not appropriate , in our opinion, for a Guns concert… too glam.

As always we were in the front rows in order to capture the best moment of the concert and share with you…. we hope you will enjoy

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