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New York-based singer-songwriter, Hanssøn, has shared a new video for her single, “Always High” and announced the release of her upcoming EP, Colours of The Fall. Hanssøn describes the song as “wanting to love someone who is too consumed with themselves to love you back. They’re “high” on themselves, ego-tripping, just on a different wave length, it’s not really about drugs, but more missing that connection, or seeing that they’re disconnected with what’s going on around them.” “Always High” is the first single off the upcoming EP which is slated to drop later this summer.

Unapologetically formidable yet easy going. Self-assured yet humble. The adventurous and ambitious singer/songwriter Hanssøn traded the sun and ease of the Australian coast for the intensity and opportunity of New York City. She is an artist who infuses her songs with a beautiful rawness, deep connection and quiet nostalgia. Strong, tenacious, fierce and chill. She is Hanssøn.She would spend her youth on the East Coast of Australia wearing out her Michael Jackson cassette tapes and flipping her dad’s Sex Pistols and Johnny Cash records; creating her own world of musical inspiration away from the male-centric surf culture of 1980s Australia. “I had a walkman and was pretty introverted growing up in a huge family…I always had my headphones on with family trips or when our grandparents would take us out with Michael Jackson on repeat.” But it was her midnight binging of Rage (Australia’s version of MTV) where she fell in love with bold Australian female artists like The Divynls, Tina Arena and Kylie Minogue who paved the way for her to pursue her dream of writing her own music. “I always played music and wrote poems and songs, I played in the school band and bought a keyboard with birthday money when I was like 9? I’d plug in headphones and I’d sit for hours just playing and figuring out songs that I’d heard…

Hanssøn’s modern female influences include Sia, Janelle Monáe, Kimbra, Lilly Allen, and of course Beyonce. “I just feel like sometimes I’m fighting preconceived ideas about what being a woman is, growing up the way we did and when we did. So seeing women completely be in charge of their career and have that kind of power and even confidence to pursue what they want is inspiring.” Like these artists, Tamara’s willingness for exposition is refreshing and necessary and draws on her own experiences of love, loss and the human condition to authentically connect to her audience.

Hanssøn has spent the last several years cultivating her craft and carving out a welcomed niche in the New York music scene and will be releasing her EP Colours of the Fall this August. Her first single, the melancholy-pop track “Always High,” is out now.


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