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RYL: Your new album has just been released (February 3rd) “Hasta la Fantasia” , which was its main achievement?

VANESSA ZAMORA: My main achievement has always been sharing my message, I think music has a great power in connecting with people, and my message is positive.

I want people to hear my music and heal all they’re fears on getting what they want, love issues, or even if its just to stand up and follow your dreams.

My own music worked for me to feel good, I want it to work for them. ART HEALS.


RYL: Any plan to write your songs in english in the future?

VANESSA ZAMORA: I actually do have songs in english, hopefully in the future I can put them on a record or something. I love writing in english.

RYL: Tell us everything about “Correr”…..

VANESSA ZAMORA: Correr talks about that exact moment when you meet a person you like a lot, and you don’t want to run from that moment of getting to know the person, and you see perfection in evenrything. Wich I personally think is the best stage of falling in love.

RYL:  Do you remember how did you write the song “Te Quiero Olvidar” ?

VANESSA ZAMORA: Of course! This is the first song I wrote ever. I was heartbroken and I wanted to forget someone, so I took my diary and wrote about him like some kind of a poem, then I grabed my 300 pesos guitar I bought in Zapopan, Jalisco and I basically puked the song, I wrote it in 10 minutes.

Since then I never stopped songwriting.

RYL: how do you, usually, write the lyrics of your songs?

VANESSA ZAMORA: I don’t have an specific method. Sometimes I have the music and then I put the lyrics, or I have a melody, or just the lyrics. And then I put everything together. It really depends on how im feeling. My music is all about emotions.

RYL: Which is the verse closest to you?


Quiero buscar un poquito de felicidad

Corro, la alcanzo y nunca se puede quedar

Miro al cielo y todo parece brillar

Como una estrella fugaz me dejo llevar

(from my song “Hasta La Fantasia”)

RYL: If we give you one dollar to spend in music, which song would you buy?

VANESSA ZAMORA: I would probably buy a random song, of a band I don’t know, so I meet new music.

RYL: Acoustic or electric guitar in order to write a good song?


RYL:  You are currently in tour in US… how is LA?

VANESSA ZAMORA: I love LA, I’ve been there a lot of times. And I love the vibe. People are always so kind to me and my music. I see myself living there in a few years.

RYL:  What inspired “Hasta La Fantasia”?

VANESSA ZAMORA: I was trying to find my inner peace, I was very confused and scared about a lot of things, Hasta La Fantasia was my best theraphist.

All the lyrics talk about experiences, dreams, things I wanted to do but I was scared. Thanks to this album I healed my heart, and I found the path for my happiness.

And I hope people can heal situations in their life.

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