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Heart of Gold, the pop act brought to life by Michael McGough, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of both Heart of Gold and rock-band Being As An Ocean, has released a brand new single “Bad Habit. The synth-laced single is a true love song set to a score that will keep listeners in an endless summer vibe.

On the new single Michael McGough shares: ‘Bad Habit’ is a conversation with the person you love the most, and telling them that no matter how beautiful love is, or how dangerous it can get, you’re all in. Loving them has become a habit you never want to break”.

Fans can check out the new single now at https://shrptn.co/badhabit.

Peppering subtle philosophical insights, midnight ponderings, and fond memories alongside layers of dreamy synths and smooth saxophone, Heart of Gold’s Michael McGough is bringing a refreshing personal spin to pop music.

As many a listener can attest, it’s no secret that the genre in which the Manchester-based outfit resides has always embraced tales of love and heartbreak. Yet, while these themes are indeed tastefully sprinkled throughout McGough’s latest work, his forthcoming debut record is less about finding “the one”, and more about finding oneself in the swirling ups and downs of life’s winding roads.

“My whole career as a musician has been a combination of sometimes getting to sing my own songs and lyrics, and at other times, telling someone else’s story”, McGough explains. “This was a feeling of accomplishment because I finally get to share my story, do it with conviction, and be proud of it. I’m elated that I’m able to be super expressive and very open and honest with the music, the lyrics, and what I hope it portrays to people”.

Drawing influence more from ‘situations involving specific people and places’, Heart of Gold captures a distinct sound that has garnered praise from fans all around the world as well as notable press outlets.


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