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Heart of Gold, the pop act brought to life by Michael McGough, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of both Heart of Gold and rock-band Being As An Ocean, has released Gold”, a four-track EP of songs that simultaneously take you back to the late 80s / early 90s while also being incredibly fresh and unique. Featuring recent fan-favorite “Midnight In Miami” and new single “Left Town”Gold is available to stream today via SharpTone Records at  https://shrptn.co/gold.

“Once we had finished tracking the last part of the last single during the recording process for this EP, we knew we had a solid collection of songs to be released together as a whole” shares Michael McGough, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of both Heart of Gold and rock-band Being As An Ocean“The first single “Over Yourself’ was our ‘re-welcoming’ to the world – ‘See Through’ was the message of personal experience, where the time in between had been spent, and ‘Midnight In Miami’ was paying homage to the original sound that inspired this project to begin with. The next and final single from GOLD, ‘Left Town’ is the marriage of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but poking fun at yourself along the way. Saying ‘yeah that really hurt having to go through that but hey i’ll have a cool story to tell’. – That’s the whole lyrical message across the board with GOLD’.

Drawing influence more from ‘situations involving specific people and places’, Heart of Gold captures a distinct sound that has garnered praise from fans all around the world as well as notable press outlets.

“I grew up between two households” says Michael speaking to his split musical worlds. “My mother brought in this incredible range of Pop and R&B to my life. I’ve always been so drawn to dominant vocals in a song, accompanied by just the right chord progression that really makes you feel something. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Lisa Stansfield in particular were the leaders of that. However, my fathers house was always filled with rock and roll music. The Smiths, Queen, Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin just to name a few. That brought in a wider range of inspiration of vocal ranges and how the voice can really work when accompanying the right music”.

Be sure to stay tuned to Heart of Gold’s social media accounts for more news.

Gold” Tracklisting:

1. Midnight In Miami
2. Over Yourself
3. Left Town
4. See Through


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