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Kat Meoz has found a truly solid combination of quick guitars, devil-may-care bass grooves, and thrilling drum-work which holds on and doesn’t let go.

Her remarkably clean vocal chops ride effortlessly in her band’s garage rock air, exuding an infectious energy which you can’t help but enjoy.

The band’s latest EP, Here I Wait, feels like a classic; a well-worn jacket that gets better with time.

The title track is a rock n’ roll experience, tastefully hued with bluesy moments yet has a definitively high voltage delivery.

Further proving the talent that comes out of LA, the band’s live performance is as energizing as their singles. Kat Meoz has been compared to Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, and Brody Dalle yet she possesses a unique air in her vocal delivery that brings Sleater Kinney’s Corin Tucker to mind too.


Can you tell us more about your new EP “Here I Wait”? 

It was about a year in the making and began as an LP. I decided to keep reworking 7 songs and over the year it was mixed as a whole LP at two different studios and recorded at three from start to finish.

I even ended up adding more guitars in my home at the last minute.


Can you share with us some funny/unusual behind the scene of its preparation?

Pete Min who recorded the bulk of it at his studio in Eagle Rock joked that when I sent him the first string of mixes, that I had created an LP of “Dad rock”.

This was my first clue that something was off about it.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

It’s different for each song but usually I write them at the same time as I’m writing the rhythm guitar part and finding a structure.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?

Sophie’s choice…on the new EP I love the opening lyrics of “Conquest”:

You were a Conquest

Just a Conquest

A pretty notch on my belt

Now that I’ve seen you

Naked in my room

I don’t care for much else 


What was the soundtrack to your childhood?

I think Alanis Morisette’s first album really hit me harder than anything I had heard until that point.

I didn’t understand the subject matter of her songs because I was too young but the angst and passion was something I related to.


What inspired “Conquest”?

Someone I couldn’t get over, the song starts lyrically as an attempt to use reverse psychology on myself.


And “Here I Wait”?

It came from a dream, I heard it as a ballad in the dream and eventually jammed it up tempo.


Are you ever scared of revealing, aspects of your  personals experience, to strangers through your music? 

Yeah there are songs I won’t sing live anymore or ever release because they’re too dark.


Do you remember the day you wrote “Bad Moon”? 

Yes unfortunately. I went to a party on the night of a full moon and a guy I hadn’t seen in years was there, he and I had the most toxic relationship of my life.

What is the best show you ever played?

I think recently at The Satellite, or the one before that at The HI Hat, both of them I had a second guitar player and it gives me more freedom to get wild.


What are you planning for 2018? 

More music, working towards US tour.

What is your favorite Sunday morning record?

Anything from the 50s or 60s, I always listen to those stations on Sirius XM and they really relax me.

Music and lyrics were so simple back then and extremely positive. Basically the opposite of what I write haha.







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