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Mathieu Nevitt, singer of DoryDrive (http://www.dorydrive.com) answered to our questions regarding the band’s new album, the meaning behind “Here’s To You”and “Perfect Chemical” and much more….

RYL: Your new album is going to be release very soon, how are you preparing this important moment for your career?

DORYDRIVE: We are planning on staying on the road to help support the release of the album and single to radio. The band is booked solid until the end of March and we anticipate a very productive and busy year!

RYL:  How would you define this album? Tell us about its roots…

DORYDRIVE: This album has been in the making for over 2 years now.

Lyrically we are providing an escape from the everyday and ordinary depressing content that fills the radio waves on Active Rock.

We believe in a positive message! We are fun going guys who enjoy writing music together, drinking and livin’ life to the fullest! What the lyrics of this album may mean to me has no matter. We want the average DD listener to find their own meaning through our lyrical content and music!

RYL:  “Here’s to You” is the first single of the album, who inspired its lyrics.

DORYDRIVE:  The lyrics for Here’s to You depict someone very close to me. Although written in the studio with everyone around, I fell into a writing trance letting the music persuade the lyrical direction. 

RYL:  We had the possibility to listen to your album in preview and our favorite song is “Perfect Chemical”, how would you describe it?

DORYDRIVE: The studio HEADACHE! It’s not always pleasurable to write in the studio.

Perfect Chemical is the “Perfect” example! We had so many directions we were working with. It seemed we were trying to compact three songs into one.

Perfect Chemical was a song that we ended up having to step away from. We had a few drinks and let the evening pass. The next day seemed to bring all the answers. Lyrically this was a fun song. We were able to utilize darker content to convey a positive message. This is an exciting song live and one of our favorites as well.

RYL:  You are currently on tour and certainly playing some of the new songs of the album, how is the reaction of your fans?

DORYDRIVE: The newer music seems to bring new life and energy to our set.

Our diversity live brings positive reaction from our audience on a nightly basis. 

RYL:  How do you write the lyrics of your songs?

DORYDRIVE: I keep lyrical notes in my phone while on the road. As a band the writing process never stops. We all have ideas to bring to the table and a lot of those ideas have sparked lyrical content. 

RYL:  In your career, which was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?

DORYDRIVE: It’s always been and always will be mechanical issues while on tour.

If you have zero knowledge of a vehicle and how it works mechanically, stay in the basement or your garage! I cannot count how many starters, alternators, fan belts, batteries, and brake systems we’ve installed. Not to mention electrical problems we have overcome.

RYL:  In your opinion, which is the best verse ever written for a rock song?

DORYDRIVE: Awesome question!

“They say that the road ain’t no place to start a family

Right down the line it’s been you and me

And lovin’ a music man ain’t always what it’s supposed to me

Oh girl you stand by me

I’m forever yours


RYL: And the best verse written by you?


“This moment is breaking

We’re finding we’re taking

Risking everything we ever knew

Our innocents binding

In beautiful timing

Our hearts open and locking in two”

RYL: Musically speaking, what makes you happy?

DORYDRIVE: A song that is human. Something you and understand and relate to.

Solid instrumentation and harmony is a must!

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