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Rock Your Lyrics fans, today we are proudly presenting you a new category of content: Hidden Gems. ZAF will review songs that are outstanding work of great musicians, but did not have the deserved attention and success.
The kick off is with this hard rock and roll song from Deep Purple, an out take from 1971 ‘Fireball’ album.
Firstly, Deep Purple made me discovering 35 years ago the meaning of emotions linked to music; that opened the door to rock and blues passion, so I thought to inaugurate the journey paying a little homage to one Deep Purple hidden gem (and many are there trust me!)
The start is powerful as the entire song, technically the guys were at their best, impressive Ian Paice at the drums, Ian Gillan decides probably to make clear to everyone about the power of his voice (listen the final part!).
This song is very particular having a piano solo by Mr John Lord (not very frequent in Purple songs, given the Hammond being a trademark, “Woman from Tokyo” probably the most know one).
What is really unusual about this song is that it has no guitar solo. Yes, Mr Blackmore presence (I love this man!) is there with powerful guitar riff, however no solo part… Maybe this is the reason why this lyric was not included in the album?
Enjoy listening 🤟
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